About Us

Who are we?

Here at JH Farms, we are a family run mixed Beef, Sheep and Arable farm located in the North East of England, Easington. All our produce (Aberdeen Angus (AA) cattle and Texel lambs) supplied is locally sourced. Every cut/joint of meat sold has been reared, grown and fattened by ourselves to bring you delicious, succulent meat!!
We are proud to produce locally sourced food and goods, which allows customers to see where their food comes from, which eliminates all doubt when it comes to food traceability. Our customers enjoy the comfort when arriving on site to collect their meat boxes, with the opportunity to see first-hand the cattle and sheep, along with the high welfare standards they receive.

Aside from our Beef and Lamb boxes, we also sell a wide range of other products including Milk and Butter, Rape Seed Oil and fresh daily, free ranged eggs. Our beautiful brown birds (ISA Browns) have an abondance of grass, grain, water and space to roam in an area what we like to call ‘Chicken Paradise’. This free roaming space for our chickens, is what we believe creates our delicious yellow yoked eggs.

Meat Boxes

We can confidently say every single one of our Meat Boxes, consists of our own deliciously seasonal meat cuts. They include grass-fed, 21-day aged beef or lamb reared locally right on your doorstep, here in the North East. All Cattle and sheep are grazed on high quality, low carbon, lush green low land grass. One result of our livestock being grass fed is the guaranteed happiness of our stock, fantastic quality along with it drastically improving that ‘Great British Taste’ of our beef.   If you don’t believe us, just try it for yourself…

There are many who claim to supply local British Beef, but few who can prove it. We can!! We have selected/work closely with a local butchery, so that you and ourselves, can have confidence in the welfare of the animals and full traceability of all products. Choosing to work with a local butchery, lowers the food milage, reducing our carbon footprint, while also helping to support local businesses.

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If you interested in any more information, or would like to order your meat boxes, and pay in cash or bank transfer instead of online. Don’t be afraid to contact us at: 07368 283820
Location - SR8 3TZ